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This academic journal is the major publication of the Powys Society and appears annually in August.


Charles Lock
Department of English, Germanic and Romance Studies
Faculty of Humanities
University of Copenhagen
Njalsgade 128, DK-2300 S, Copenhagen, Denmark


All submissions should be made to the Editor.

The Journal's Advisory Board:

Robert Caserio  Penn State University, USA
Glen Cavaliero  St Catherine's College, Cambridge, UK
H. W. Fawkner  Stockholm University, Sweden
Peter J. Foss  UK
David Goodway  University of Leeds, UK
Jeremy Hooker  University Of Glamorgan, UK

W. J. Keith  University of Toronto, Canada
Morine Krissdottir UK 
J. Lawrence Mitchell  Texas A & M University
Elmar Schenkel  Leipzig University, Germany 
John Williams  University of Greenwich, UK 

For the contents all twenty-eight volumes see JSTOR


Grevel Lindop Saving Mid-Century Britain: Arthurian Themes in the Work of John Cowper Powys and Charles Williams 
David Goodway Gerald Brennan (1894-1987): Bloomsbury, Gamel Woolsey and Spain 
Ray Crozier Patchin Place: an ‘Alsatia for the hunted’
Elliot Murphy Anarchy and Identity: on Power and Loneliness in the Works of John Cowper Powys
Hilary Newman Clergymen in the Novels of T.F. Powys
Louise de Bruin Mary Cowper Powys: Letters to Her Sister Dora, Part Two (1891-1910)
Stephen Powys Marks The Wedding of Two Powyses — and a photographic miracle 
Charles Lock  Ancestral Lines | Diary of a Stroke | Ditch Vision | Under the Quarry Woods
David Goodway ‘A New Type of History’ Fictional proposals for dealing with the past 

Charles Lock She Shall Have Music


Frank Wintle On the Making of the Film ‘Hilda’s Book’
Lindsay Clarke Beyond the Literary: Porius as a Romance of the Prophetic Imagination
Paul Cheshire ‘sub-human or super-human consciousness’ in A Glastonbury Romance
Paul Cheshire A Glastonbury Romance: Cuts and Alterations to the UK Printed Texts 1932-1955
Angelika Reichmann Wolf Solent and Lucky Jim: A Comparative Study
Patrick Quigley T.F. Powys and Liam O’Flaherty: An Unlikely Literary Friendship
Janice Gregory (ed.) Letters from Alyse Gregory to Louis Wilkinson 1937-1939
Louise de Bruin (ed.) Mary Cowper Powys: Letters to her Sister Dora
Charles Lock The Flash of Weathercocks: New and Collected Poems
Charles Lock Theodore Powys’s Gods and Demons
Charles Lock Recalled to Life: A Consumptive’s Diary, 1911 by LLEWELYN POWYS,


Paul Cheshire John Cowper Powys and William Wordsworth: 'his cerebral mystical passion for young women'

Nicholas Birns Porius and Owen Glendower. John Cowper Powys's Radical Medievalism

Robert L. Caserio T.F. Powys's 'Un-claying' of Social Realist Fiction

David Gervais The Moods of God: T.F. Powys's Shorter Fiction

Charles Lock Versions or Perversions: James Purdy and John Cowper Powys

Mary and Gerard Casey Unpublished Writings (Louise de Bruin, ed.)

Joan Lamburn Letters to Alyse Gregory 1941-1943 (with an Introduction by Chris Wilkinson)


John Hodgson Analysing Masculinities: Konstruktionen von Männlichkeit bei D.H. Lawrence und John Cowper Powys

Janice Gregory The Tortured Life of Scofield Thayer

Charles Lock Scattered Light

Charles Lock John Cowper Powys and the Elements: A Phenomenological Study of "Maiden Castle"
Contents of volumes XXIII to XXV to follow.


Jonas Holm Aagaard: 'A will is a funny thing': Reading the Will in the First Chapter of A Glastonbury Romance

Angelika Reichmann: 'Pure Romance': Narcissus in the Town of Mirrors

Michael Ballin: Illusion as Salvation: John Cowper Powys and Cervantes     

Stephen Batty:
'when we would understand him best we must clothe him': T.F. Powys, Friedrich Nietzsche and the Need of Interpretation          

Jeremy Hooker:
'Contraries aquiver': The Poetry of Mary Casey and Gerard Casey

Jeremy Hooker:
Two 'Powys Poems' with a comment on each

Louise de Bruin:
The Little Boy with Bellows': Letters from Mary Cowper Powys to her Parents written during the First Six Months of her Marriage


Robert L. Caserio: The Historical Novel in Europe 1650-1950

Glen Cavaliero: Sorrel Barn & The Tragedy of Budvale
PHILIPPA POWYS, with an Introduction by Cicely Hill

Jeremy Hooker: Mapping the Wessex Novel: Landscape, History and the Parochial in British Literature, 1870-1940

Charles Lock: Exclusions and Discretions: Philip Larkin: Letters to Monica edited by ANTHONY THWAJTE
The Joy of It
LITTLETON POWYS, with an Introduction by Peter Tait

Contents of The Powys Society Journal 1991-2010
An Index to Twenty Volumes
The Powys Society has long had an important role in the field of literary scholarship; and this area of the site is primarily intended as a resource for those both within and without the Society who are actively engaged in private or public research.
the powys journal, volume XVIVol I Morine Krissdóttir: [Foreword] - Glen Cavaliero: Powys Retrospect - Charles Lock: 'Derbyshire Born, Derbyshire Bred', or, Why John Cowper Powys was Born at Shirley - J. S. Rodman: Setting Weymouth Sands - Peter J. Foss: John Cowper Powys's Unfinished Welsh Novel - John Cowper Powys: Edeyrnion [1] - T. F. Powys: The Bell's the Thing - Llewelyn Powys: Clean Linen - Peter R. Sedgwick: Autobiography and Mortality in Llewelyn Powys's Skin for Skin - Katie Powys: A visit to Theodore: An Extract from the 1904 Diary - John Cowper Powys: Letters to Lucy Amelia Powys - John Bayley: A Polyindividuated Privacy: A review of In the Spirit of Powys - Reviews by Timothy Hyman, Peter J. Foss, John Toft, Glen Cavaliero
(1991, 152 pg 1 874559 00 7)
Vol II Angela Pitt: Passions that Disturb: The Diaries of Katie Powys - Robert Mighall: The Reluctant Aesthete: John Cowper Powys in the 'Nineties Context - Patirica Dawson: On Re- reading Maiden Castle - John Williams: Theodore Powys and the Devil - Jeremy Hooker: Versions of Freedom: Nicholas Berdyaev and John Cowper Powys - T. F. Powys: Cottage Shadows - John Cowper Powys: Edeyrnion [2] - Llewelyn Powys: Lodmoor - George Sims: Alyse Gregory: A Happy Meeting - Martin R. Pollock: Llewelyn Powys: A Fragment of Memory - Jan Andersson: Wolf Solent as Seduction - W. E. Powys: Seven Poems - John Cowper Powys: Diaries 1932-33: A Selection on the Writing of Weymouth Sands - Phyllis Playter: - Letters to Lucy Amelia Penny - Reviews by Glen Cavaliero, Timothy Hyman, Richard Maxwell, Paul Roberts, Cedric Hentschel
(1992, 232 pg 1 874559 02 3)
Vol III A Powys Centre in Dorchester - Peter Powys Grey: Two Silent Voices: Katie and Hamilton - Morine Krissdóttir: The Twig in the Crystal: Phyllis through John's Diary - H. W. Fawkner: Woman and the Mineral: A Mineralogical Reading of Maiden Castle - Judith M. Lang: 'the dumb are heard' - Janina Nordius: Prince and Outlaw: Visible and Invisible Solitudes in Owen Glendower - John Cowper Powys: G. K. Chesterton - T. F. Powys: Ignorance on Stilts - Francis Feather: From Type Design to T. F. Powys: Metamorphosis of a Book Collector - Robert Gibbings: Llewelyn and Theodore - Llewelyn Powys: The Venice Manuscript - Frances Gregg: The House with the Garden - John Cowper Powys: Six Letters to Béla Hamvas and Katalin Kemény - T. F. Powys: Letters to John Cowper Powys - John Cowper Powys: Edeyrnion [3] - Reviews by Glen Cavaliero, Richard Perceval Graves, Kim Taplin, Alan Howe, Robert Mighall
(1993, 240 pg 1 874559 06 6)
Vol IV Stuart Marriott & Janet Coles: John Cowper Powys as University Extension Lecturer, 1898-1909 - John Cowper Powys: 'Owen Prince': Chapters from an Unfinished Novel - J. Lawrence Mitchell: 'Lift up Thine Eyes to the Hills': The Visionary World of T. F. Powys - T. F. Powys: The Frock and the Butterfly - Charles Lock: Llewelyn Powys at Davos 1909-12: A Study in the Literature of Tuberculosis - Llewelyn Powys: The Walk over Furka Pass - Marian Powys: The Mabelulu - Glen Cavaliero: John Cowper Powys and the Aether - John Cowper Powys: Llowty-Ghowty - The Bissell Collection - Mary Cowper Powys: Letters to her Daughters Gertrude and Lucy - Jeremy Hooker: Romancing at the Cave-Fire: The Unabridged Porius -
Review by Charles Lock
(1994, 236 pg 1 874559 09 0)
Vol V Janina Nordius: Life at One Remove: Solitude in Maiden Castle - Diana Petre: Living with Louis - Ben Jones: Surprised by Frances: Travel and Recognition in The Mystic Leeway - John Cowper Powys: The Influence of Personality: Who wants his Inmost Self Meddled with and Invaded? - T. F. Powys: The New Broom - Robin Wood: Owen Glendower: Powys's Faustian Prince - Llewelyn Powys: Hedgecock - Katie Powys: Brothers and Sisters: A Selection from the Diaries 1927-41 - Llewelyn Powys: 'In his Great Old Age' - Charles Francis Powys: A Sermon for Montacute Club Day, May 1894 - The Sons to the Father: Six Letters written on the Occasion of the Sixtieth Birthday of Charles Francis Powys - A. R. Powys: The Crippled Child - Mary Casey: Family Portraits: A Selection from the Journals 1951-53 - T. F. Powys: Letters to Valentine Ackland - John Cowper Powys: Letters to Gerard Casey, 1937-40 - Phyllis Playter: 'On the Departure of Powys for England' - Charles Lock: Not the Lost Generation: John Cowper Powys and American Literature, a review of Elusive America: The Uncollected Essays of John Cowper Powys, Volume One - Review by John Gray
(1995, 232 pg 1 874559 12 0)
Vol VI Melvon L. Ankeny: Lloyd Emerson Siberell, Powys 'Bibliomaniac' and 'Extravagantic' - John Cowper Powys: "Psyche" - Michael Ballin: The Protean Self: Techniques of Self- Representation and Literary Form in Autobiography - Richard Maxwell: Porius, Mitchison and the Period Character of Historical Fiction between the Wars - Peter Burman: 'Obstinate Sincerity': A Reading of A. R. Powys - A. R. Powys: The Influence of the Arts and Crafts on Architecture - A. R. Powys: The Repair of Ruins - A. R. Powys: Montacute Observed - John Cowper Powys and A. R. Powys: An Exchange of Letters, 1934-36 - Kirchner's Llewelyn, a note - Llewelyn Powys: The Body Snatchers - John Williams: T. F. Powys: A Strengthening Antidote -Review by Martin Green
(1996 240 pg 1 874559 15 5)
Vol VII Editorial - A. R. Powys: Early Sketches - John Hodgson: Chance Groupings: An Anatomy of Ecstasy - H. W. Fawkner: The Manifestation of Affectivity: John Cowper Powys and Pure Romance - Anne M. Reed: From the Front Row: Notes on the lectures of John Cowper Powys - Joe Boulter: The Inmates, Deleuze/Guattari, Foucault, and Madness - Peter H. Judd: Letters from Katie Powys to Elizabeth Wade White, 1938-1954 - Charles Lock: John Cowper Powys: The Years in Dorchester - Henning Ahrens: Into the Bone-World: Taliessin's Song in John Cowper Powys's novel Porius - G. Wilson Knight: The Transitional Enigma - Judith Stinton: Work in Progress: 'A Writer's Dorset' at the Dorset County Museum - Llewelyn Powys's Westcountryman's Return and the Powysian Sense of Place - Reviews by Glen Cavaliero, John Williams
(1997, 208 pg 1 874559 18 X)
Vol VIII Editorial - Francis Llewelyn Powys - Subi Swift: The Eternal Epicene: Images of the Androgyne in John Cowper Powys - Morine Krisdóttir The Diary of a Man who Walks - Charles Lock: T. F. Powys: Fables and the Silence of th Person - Judith Stinton: Theodore - H. W. Fawkner: Atmospherium: Affectivity and Presence in Wolf Solent - Timothy Hyman: John Cowper Powys: The Quest for the Pictorial Equivalent - Peter J. Foss: The Proustian Equivalent: A Reading of Love and Death - Gamel Woolsey: The Star of Double Darkness - Michael Alsford: 'The Star of Double Darkness' - Robert Kunkel: John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Partial Glossary of Proper Name - Stephen Powys Marks: Some Notes on Welsh and the Names in Porius - Rodney Aitchtey: Humanity : Inanity - Two Giants and the Poor Fish - Reviews by Charles Lock, Paul Roberts, John Powell Ward, David Gervais, Morine Krissdóttir, Patricia Dawson
(1998, 208 pg 1 874559 18 X)
Vol IX Editorial - Jeremy Hooker: Ditch Vision - Glen Cavaliero: Maiden Castle Revisited - Paul Roberts: John Cowper Powys and his Popular Contemporaries - W. J. Keith: John Cowper Powys: The Literary Criticism of a Book-Worm - David Gervais: Religious Comedy in T. F. Powys - J. Lawrence Mitchell: 'Getting into Print: From Mr. Tasker to Mr. Weston' - Chris Wilkinson: 'These Honeysuckle Rogues': The Friendship of Llewelyn Powys and Louis Wilkinson - Elizabeth Myers: The Threshold - Anthony Glynn: Elizabeth Myers: 'Scraggy Little Dreamer' - Charles Lock: The Dorset Year: The Diary of John Cowper Powys 1934-1935 (review-article) - Reviews by Cicely Hill, John Williams
(1999, 224 pg 1 874559 21 X)
Vol X Editorial - T. F. Powys: Three Meditations - T. F. Powys: Cheriton, with Commentary by J. Lawrence Mitchell, John Williams - Llewelyn Powys: An Exile's Return, with Commentary by Peter J. Foss - Llewelyn Powys: The Essayist at Work: Letters to H. G. Tavender, with Introduction by Peter J. Foss - John Cowper Powys: The Entermores: A Play in Three Acts, with Commentary by Glen Cavaliero - John Cowper Powys: The New Paganism: An Ethical Essay, with Commentary by Paul Roberts - A. R. Powys: Unemployment and the Distribution of Leisure, with Note by Stephen Powys Marks - Christopher Scoble: Katie Powys and Stephen Reynolds: a Passion Foredoomed - Reviews by John Williams - Index to Volumes I-X
(2000, 208 pg 1 874559 23 6)
Vol XI Editorial - Richard Garnett: Theodore Powys and the Garnetts: A Record of Friendship - Charles Lock: The Sublime and the Giggly: On Iris Murdoch and John Cowper Powys - Constance Harsh: Wrestling with Nietzsche: John Cowper Powys's Engagement with Nietzsche in the Early Years of the First World War - Glen Cavaliero: An Interpretation of T. F. Powys - John Williams: The Poetry of Francis Powys - Ian Hughes: The Collapse of the Philosophical Romance: Male Posturings and Female Submission in Maiden Castle - Greg Bond: Patience unto Eternity: Theodore Francis Powys - Robert Timlin: Jimmy Plays Hopscotch: The Role of Redfern in Wolf Solent - Charles Lock: Gerard Casey, 1918-2000 - Reviews by John Williams, Susan Rands (2001, 224pg, 1 874559 24 4)
Vol XII Editorial - Mark Boseley: The Peripatetic Mode in the Diaries of John Cowper Powys - Andrew Nash and James Knowlson: Charles Prentice and T. F. Powys: A publisher's influence - Susan Rands: The Influence of Charles Kingsley on John Cowper Powys - Peter G. Christensen: Frustrated Narrative in The Brazen Head - Stephen Powys Marks: The Journals of Caroline Girle Mrs Philip Lybbe Powys - Georgianne Ensign Kent: T. F. Powys: Two Newly Discovered Letters - Llewelyn Powys: 'Deity in a Cur', with a note by Peter J. Foss - Reviews by David Gervais, Janet McCann - Contents, Vols I-XI
(2002, 152 pg, 1 874559 25 2)
Vol XIII Editorial - Stephen Powys Marks: Powys Family Connections in East Anglia - Susan Rands: The Powys-Fox Connection - Barbara Ozieblo: The Poet Gamel Woolsey: The Creation of a Mythical Middle-Earth - Jacqueline Peltier: Llewelyn and Alyse Gregory: A Correspondence with Dr Marie Stopes - Melvon L. Ankeny: Gladys Brown Ficke and The Final Beauty - J. Lawrence Mitchell: Theodore Powys and John Death - Robin Wood: Resident Foreigners and Bards! John Cowper Powys & James Hanley in Wales - Andrew Nash: Frank Swinnerton and John Cowper Powys - Paul Roberts: John Cowper Powys and The Cambridge Summer Meetings - Peter Foss: An Inventory of the Llewelyn Powys Holdings: Manuscripts of Works (Part One) - Kate Kavanagh: 'In View of Glastonbury' and writers' views on JCP: The 2002 Conference - Reviews by Charles Lock, Donald Kerr, Paul Christensen, Robin Wood
(2003, 256 pg, 1 874559 26 0)
Vol XIV Editorial - W. J. Keith: Beyond Novel, Beyond Romance: Reading the Complete Porius - Eivor Lindstedt: Chroniclers and Prophets: Time and Genre in Porius - David Goodway: A Cult of Sensations: John Cowper Powys's Life-philosophy and Individualist Anarchism - Jean-Pierre De Waegenaere: Wild Flowers, Shrubs and Trees in John Cowper Powys's Novels - H. W. Fawkner: Dysfunctional Responsiveness in A Glastonbury Romance: John Cowper Powys, Nihilism and Christianity - Olga Markova: A Russian Perspective on John Cowper Powys - Peter J. Foss: An Inventory of the Llewelyn Powys Holdings: Manuscripts of Works (Part Two) - Review by Clint Machann
(2004, 168 pg, 1 874559 28 7)
Vol XV Editorial - Peter Tait: Littleton Powys, 1874-1955, Headmaster, Sherborne Preparatory School - David Gervais: J. C. Powys's Dostoievsky - Hugh Clayton: Tom Il Matto and Jar Le Rétameur: Aspects of T. F. Powys in Italian and French - Charles Lock: Owen Glendower and the Dashing of Expectations - John Williams: 'Suffer little children to come unto me': T. F. Powys's Child-Man in a Landscape of Redemption - Janet Fouli: Wood and Stone: A Reconsideration - Susan Rowland: Jung, Wolf Solent and Myth - John Cowper Powys: Four Brothers: A Family Confession [1925] - Reviews by W. J. Keith, J. Lawrence Mitchell
(2005, 168 pg, 1 874559 29 5)
Vol XVI Editorial – Charles Lock: Powys and the Aether: The Homeric Novels Ian Robinson: T.F. Powys and the Renewal of English Prose Florence Marie-Laverrou: Writing the Sea in Weymouth Hugh Clayton: Mussolini and Mr. Malakite: Further Reflections on the Powys Brothers in Translation – The Editor: Covering Mr. Weston: A Note - Richard Maxwell: A Game of Yes and No: Childhood and Apocalypse in Porius Geoffrey Tomlinson: Black Bryony and the Acceptability of Death Susan Rands: Dr. R.D. Reid and John Cowper Powys T.F. Powys: Blind Bartimaeus, with Afterword by Elaine Mencher – Index to Volumes x-xv, compiled by Stephen Powys Marks
(2006, 184 pg, 1 874559 33 3)
Vol XVII Editorial – Jacqueline Peltier: Emily Marian Powys; A Declaration of Independence W.J. Keith: Coming to Terms with John Cowper Powys’s Autobiography Elaine Mencher: Editing T.F. Powys John Dunn: Flight to Reality: The Wessex Novels of John Cowper Powys John Williams: A Humorous Context for Theodore Powys’s ‘John Pardy and the Waves’ – Jonathan Goodwin: Nationalism and Re-enchantment in John Cowper Powys’s A Glastonbury Romance Reviews by Glen Cavaliero, J. Lawrence Mitchell, John Hodgson, Charles Lock, and Clinton Machann
(2007, 160 pg, 1 874559 34 4)

Volume XVIII contains articles by Charles Lock, Roy Fisher, Katherine Saunders Nash, H. W. Fawkner, Florence Marie-Laverrou, and James Knowlson, with book reviews from Michael Balin, John Hodgson & Charles Lock (on Descents of Memory: The Life of John Cowper Powys), W. J. Keith (the new, complete edition of Porius), and David Gervais. Also included are three previously unpublished short stories by T. F. Powys with an Afterword by Elaine Mencher.

Volume XIX contains articles by Glen Cavaliero, Arjen Mulder, W.J. Keith, John Dunn, Angelika Reichmann, Jonas Holm Aagaard, Stephen Powys Marks, Timothy Hyman, with three reviews of the new edition of PORIUS from Ian Duncan, Richard Maxwell and Charles Lock. Also included are three more previously unpublished short stories ('A Pleasant View', 'Our Aunt', 'The Haunted Hill') by T. F. Powys with an Afterword by Elaine Mencher.

Volume XX contains articles by Melvon I. Ankeny, Janet Fouli, Florence Marie-Laverrou, Angelika Reichmann, Louise de Bruin and Richard Maxwell, with book reviews from Jeff Bursey (on The Letters of John Cowper Powys & Dorothy Richardson) & Charles Lock (on The Letters of John Cowper Powys & Emma Goldman). Also included is The Wood a play in one act by T. F. Powys with an Afterword by Elaine Mencher.

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To philosophize is not to read philosophy; it is to feel philosophy. The raw spikes and jagged edges, the sour-tasting dust and wind-blown debris of superficial real life have to be deliberately comprehended, or at least evaded, before the more secret rhythms, the more recondite patterns of Nature, her humours, her tragedies, her poetry take shape in the mind. — John Cowper Powys

“She would wish that far stranger weddings happened in the world than anything that she saw or heard of at Madder. She needed much more than plain Madder life to interest her — some events more like a proceeding that had happened in a book of fables that she had once read, where a little mouse wished to be joined in holy wedlock with a lioness, who, unluckily going out to meet her little dear before the wedding, chanced to set her foot upon him.” — T.F. Powys

 "No sight that the human eyes can look upon is more provocative of awe than is the night sky scattered thick with stars.” — Llewelyn Powys

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