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Often described as one of the great apocalyptic novels of our time, WOLF SOLENT is the story of a young man returning from London to work near to the school at which his father had been history master. Complex, romantic and humorous, it is a classicwork combining a close understanding of man's everyday experience with a delicate awareness of the spiritual.


John Cowper Powys

A Powys Society Meeting

Mr Weston's Good Wine is the unusual tale of the struggle between the forces of good and evil in a small Dorset village. Its action is limited to one winter's evening when Time stands still and the bitter-sweet gift of awareness falls upon a dozen memorable characters. During the book a child knocked down by his car is miraculously brought back to life; the sign 'Mr Weston's Good Wine' lights up the sky; and the villagers soon discover that the wine he sells is no ordinary wine.


T.F. Powys


Llewelyn Powys

Two POWYS DAYS, so far, are planned for next year: CAMBRIDGE on Saturday 24 April 2010 and DORCHESTER on Saturday 5 June 2010. Powys Society Annual Conference 2010 at the Wessex Hotel, Street, Somerset, on Friday 20th August - Sunday 22nd August

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