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The 2013 Powys Society Conference at Llangollen is now available on 3 DVDs

with a total time of 4 hours 22 minutes.


The cost is 8 including postage to UK addresses. Cheque or PO to R.E.Cox, (not the Powys Society).


Please order from:

Raymond Cox:

4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ


For enquiries from overseas please e-mail for price: rymd.cox@gmail.com


(Regret DVDs of previous conferences are no longer available)





Charles Lock: 'Wolf Solent' and World Literature:

                             Double Bookings and Refracted Discourse'.........64m.

                                   (introduced by Glen Cavaliero)

(Charles Lock, editor of The Powys Journal, is Professor of English Literature at the University of Copenhagen)


Katherine Saunders Nash: 'Real and Implied Authors:

                              John Cowper Powys and the Serpentine Novelists'.54m

                                   (introduced by John Hodgson)

(Kate Nash is Assistant Professor of English at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, Virginia)


DISC TWO         ;

Glen Cavaliero: 'Endurance and Enjoyment: The Pleasures of Powys'.42m

(Glen Cavaliero is President of the Powys Society, Fellow Commoner of St.Catherine's College, Cambridge, and a member of the Royal Society

of Literature)


Robert Caserio: 'Powys amid English and American Autobiographies

                                 of the 1930s'................................................42m.

(Robert Caserio is Professor of English at Pennsylvania State University, Pittsburgh)

     (NB. Apology: the first few minutes of this talk were lost because of  a technical error. There were also some extraneous noises at times,)



T.F.Powys's Fables: readings of

                                      'The Hat and the Post' (Kate Kavanagh)

                                      'Mr Pim and the Holy Crumb' (John Hodgson)

                                      Followed by discussion with members..........58m.


                                                               TOTAL TIME: c4hrs.22m

 Video: Raymond Cox



 The Conference double DVD, Street 2012.


The Powys Society Conference August 2012 DVDs


Featuring all five Conference talks by:

Michael Kowalewski (JCP), Arjen Mulder (LlP), Marcella Henderson-Peel (JCP), Larry Mitchell, and Michael Caines (TFP).

Full details to appear soon.

Please order directly from Raymond Cox (see bottom of this page).

 (May 2013) Please note: all Conference DVDs prior to 2012 are now no longer available  

The Powys Society Conference August 2011 DVDs


A DVD set of presentations from the 2011 Conference in Llangollen is now available.

If you would like a copy the cost is 6. Please order from:

Raymond Cox, 4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ

             (Cheques to R E Cox, not the Powys Society)



Stephen Batty: 'Cold, silence, height: T.F. Powys & Friedrich Nietzsche' ... 58 mins

Jonas Holm Aagaard: 'Reading the Will', a focus on A Glastonbury Romance introduced by Charles Lock ... 52 mins.


Total disc time = 1hr 50m


Jeremy Hooker: 'The Writings of Gerard and Mary Casey' introduced by Glen Cavaliero ... c64 mins

Patrick Wright: 'Metal, Compost and Chalk: Reflections on English Vision and the ground beneath Llewelyn's feet' ... c61 mins


A reading of 'Mr Weston's Good Wine', adapted for voices by Kate Kavanagh ... c78 min

Total time three discs: c5 hour                      

Video: Raymond Cox

The Powys Society Conference August 2010 DVDs


A DVD set of presentations from the 2010 Conference is now available.

If you would like a copy (this year there is a third DVD as a bonus disc) the cost is 6. Please order from:

Raymond Cox, 4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ

             (Cheques to R E Cox, not the Powys Society)




Anthony O'Hear: "A Philosophical Interpretation of A Glastonbury Romance"... 47 mins


Harald Fawkner - "Modes of Regeneration in A Glastonbury Romance... 52 mins.


Total disc time = 1hr 41m





Stephen Powys Marks - "My Great-Great-Great-Great Grandmother Caroline Powys and Her Journals" (with readings by Kate Kavanagh) ... 55 mins.


"The Untold Privilege - With Will in Africa" - Dramatised readings of visits made by the four Powys sisters to their brother, compiled by Louise de Bruin with editorial work & programme by Chris Wilkinson and featuring Richard Graves, Cicely Hill, John Hodgson, Timothy Hyman, Kate Kavanagh, Patrick Kavanagh, Sonia Lewis, Pat Roberts.......61 mins.


Total disc time = 1hr 56m


DISC THREE (bonus disc):


"VISIONS OF GLASTONBURY" - personal visions from:

Paul Weston "A Personal Approach to A Glastonbury Romance ... 39 mins



Footage of locations mentioned in the novel, including Chalice Well, streets and lanes, and Wearyall Hill, with the Conference walk. 


Feature: Summer days at Glastonbury Abbey....... 20 mins.                         


Total disc time = 1hr 14m


Total time three discs: 4hrs 51mins



Video: Raymond Cox

Conference DVD's are available from Raymond Cox.

To order, contact: R. Cox. 4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ

Telephone: 01384 566383

Email: Raymond Cox

Each DVD is payable to R E Cox (not The Powys Society)



THE POWYS SOCIETY CONFERENCE - Llangollen, August 2009

A DVD of presentations from the 2009 Conference is available.

If you would like a copy (2 discs) the cost is 6. Please order from

Raymond Cox, 4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ

             (Cheques to R E Cox, not the Powys Society)



Total time: 111mins.

1. Tim Blanchard: 'I must have some tea': drink, drugs and defiance in the novels of John Cowper Powys (c27mins).

2. Janet Fouli: 'The Eternal Feminine: John Cowper Powys, Dorothy Richardson, and the two silent spouses..and Frances'. (c.55mins).

3. Charles Lock: 'Dostoievsky as Revelation: on John Cowper Powys and Rowan Williams (c.27mins).



DISC TWO                                                             

Total time: 112mins.

4. Angelika Reichmann; 'Dostoievsky and John Cowper Powys - Influence Without Anxiety (c53mins).

5. Reading of scenes from John Cowper Powys's stage adaptation of Dostoievsky's The Idiot:

Rogozhin.......................................Richard Graves

Prince Myschkin............................. Patrick Kavanagh

Ganya, the General's Secretary.........Richard Maxwell

Aglaia, the General's daughter...........Penelope Shuttle

Nastasya, Afanasy's mistress............Kate Kavanagh

General Epanchin............................Timothy Hyman

Afanasy Ivanovitch..........................Peter Lazare

Dostoievsky.................................. John Hodgson

John Cowper Powys.........................Kieron McCann

Devised by John Hodgson



Combined total time of both discs: 3hrs 43mins.


THE POWYS SOCIETY CONFERENCE at The University of Chichester - August 2008





The Cloisters Chamber, Old College Building

Talk: Glen Cavaliero: "That Goblin Race - The Powys Family Mystique"  (55m)

Talk: Arjen Mulder: "Becoming John Cowper Powys"  (40m)

Coffee under the trees

Total time - 1hr 37



Talk: David Goodway: "John Cowper Powys, Emma Goldman and Anarchy"  (58m)

A Powysian lunch

A Window for Other Dimensions?

Talk: Bill Keith: "John Cowper Powys and Other Dimensions - The Evidence of His Fiction" (54m)

Downland tracks and flowers near Burpham

Total time - 1hr 56m

(The cost is the same as previously and includes both discs.)


Please note:

The following three DVD's of presentations from previous Powys Society Conferences are now no longer available:


1. Llangollen - August 2005:

    Parts of talks by Charles Lock - 'Atlantis and Homer and the Ether'

                           Richard Maxwell - 'Rescuing Time in "Porius"'

                           Barbara Ozieblo - 'The Friendship of Women: Alyse Gregory and Gamel Woolsey'

    Complete talk by Ian Robinson - 'T F Powys and the Renewal of English Prose'

    Dramatisation of various letters of Louis Wilkinson, Frances Gregg, John Cowper Powys etc.

    Discussion: 'The Influence of Place in the Life and Works of the Powyses

    Scenes at Blaenau Ffestiniog, Castell Dinas Bran and Valle Crucis Abbey


2. Chichester - August 2006:

    Complete talks:  John Gray - 'Three Powys Philosophies'

                           W J Keith (read by T. Hyman in his absence) - 'Coming to Terms with JCPs "Autobiography"

                           Henning Ahrens - 'JCPs Philosophy Revisited'

                           Elaine Mencher - 'Editing T F Powys'

     A reading of the play 'The Sin Eater' by T F Powys


3. Llangollen - August 2007:

    Complete talks:   Peter Foss - 'The Bibliography of Llewelyn Powys'

                            Harald Fawkner - 'The Indifference of Nature - Realness in "A Glastonbury Romance"'

                            Florence-Catherine Marie-Laverrou - 'Encroaching Fields in "Weymouth Sands"'

                            Poetry readings from Roy Fisher and Penelope Shuttle



The 2012 Conference DVD is available from Raymond Cox. To order, please write to:

R. Cox. 4 Lulworth Close, Halesowen, West Midlands, B63 2UJ

Telephone: 01384 566383

Email: Raymond Cox

Please make your cheque payable to R E Cox, not the Powys Society, and the cost is 6 (2 of this is included as a donation to the Society).


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Permission must be asked before using any material from this site.

Often described as one of the great apocalyptic novels of our time, WOLF SOLENT is the story of a young man returning from London to work near to the school at which his father had been history master. Complex, romantic and humorous, it is a classicwork combining a close understanding of man's everyday experience with a delicate awareness of the spiritual.


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