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Powys titles currently in print

A far from comprehensive list; more a brief résumé of major titles and some selected new publications. For a Supplement to the Powys Checklist & Readers’ Guide, 2010, please click here to download a leaflet in PDF format which will open in a new window.

John Cowper Powys

The six major novels - Wolf Solent, A Glastonbury Romance, Weymouth Sands, Maiden Castle, Owen Glendower, and Porius - in addition to Autobiography, are all currently in print.  Faber Finds have issued the first four novels - Wood and Stone, Rodmoor, After My Fashion, and Ducdame - as well as four late novels - Morwyn, The Brazen, Atlantis and The Inmates - all in paperback. There are also numerous volumes of JCP's letters to various recipients published by Cecil Woolf Publishers.

T. F. Powys

Mr Weston's Good Wine, T. F. Powys's most commercially successful work, was reprinted in paperback by Vintage Classics in December 2007

Unclay and Kindness in a Corner were issued in softback editions by The Sundial Press in 2008.

The Brynmill Press has issued the following four previously unpublished titles, all currently in print:

 Father Adam (p/b)

 The Market Bell (p/b)

 Mock's Curse (h/b)

 The Sixpenny Strumpet (h/b)

 and the following collection in two handsome cased volumes:

 Selected Early Works £120.00 ($US 264.00)  This collection includes examples of everything Powys tried, from full-length novels and short stories to prose poems, Bible commentaries and plays. Two plays are given complete (one of them well worth staging) as is also the long very early tale Under the Bondage of Fear, the later Cottage Shadows and the fascinating Journal of 1910–13. As well as some complete stories the collection also has carefully made selections from some of the other unpublished novels, and the Bible commentaries; there are essays, literary criticism and all the surviving autobiographical fragments of this reticent man. The first-written of Powys's published novels is here completed with the Cancelled Chapters of Mr Tasker's Gods. (To read a review by John Williams please click here)

Llewelyn Powys

Peter Foss's magnificent A Bibliography of Llewelyn Powys issued in 2007 is currently in print. For further information click on the following link:  http://www.oakknoll.com/detail.php?d_booknr=93072

Fifty-two of Llewelyn Powys's finest Wessex Essays are collected in two new paperback volumes: Durdle Door to Dartmoor and Still Blue Beauty. For further information please click on the following link www.sundialpress.co.uk

In the Powys Heritage Monographs, published by Cecil Woolf. there are three volumes of dairies by Llewelyn Powys edited with Introductions by Peter J. Foss:

·         The Diary of a Sherborne Schoolboy: Llewelyn Powys's Diary for 1903

·         The Diary of a Reluctant Teacher: Llewelyn Powys's Diary for 1908

·         The Immemorial Year: Llewelyn Powys's Diary for 1909

Often described as one of the great apocalyptic novels of our time, WOLF SOLENT is the story of a young man returning from London to work near to the school at which his father had been history master. Complex, romantic and humorous, it is a classicwork combining a close understanding of man's everyday experience with a delicate awareness of the spiritual.


John Cowper Powys

A Powys Society Meeting

Mr Weston's Good Wine is the unusual tale of the struggle between the forces of good and evil in a small Dorset village. Its action is limited to one winter's evening when Time stands still and the bitter-sweet gift of awareness falls upon a dozen memorable characters. During the book a child knocked down by his car is miraculously brought back to life; the sign 'Mr Weston's Good Wine' lights up the sky; and the villagers soon discover that the wine he sells is no ordinary wine.


T.F. Powys


Llewelyn Powys


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