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A Resource for both Private and Public Research

The Powys Society has long had an important role in the field of literary scholarship; and this area of the site is primarily intended as a resource for those both within and without the Society who are actively engaged in private or public research.

To explore information about the Powys Society Collection (on semi-permanent loan to the Dorset County Museum in Dorchester), please click on the above link.


Reader's Guides

At the Powys Conference at Llangollen in August 2003, Professor W. J. Keith deposited with the Hon. Secretary copies of two aids to Porius, with the intention that these should be placed in the Society's archive and made accessible to any member or serious student wishing to consult them. He has since supplied reader's guides to A Glastonbury Romance, Autobiography, and Owen Glendower. Jacqueline Peltier has since worked with Professor Keith to make these reader's guides available as PDF files which can be downloaded and printed as booklets (for further details please visit Jacqueline Peltier's website).



The first and more important of the 'Porius' aids is entitled "John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Reader's Companion" updated April, 2009. It is an alphabetical listing along the lines of the late Robert Kunkel's "John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Partial Glossary of Proper Names" published in the 1998 Powys Journal, and attempts in addition to identify literary and biblical quotations, to explain references in Welsh, Greek, Latin and other languages, with added information Professor Keith found helpful in coming to terms with the novel/romance.
All page-references are to Judith Bond and Morine Krissdóttir's edition published by Overlook Duckworth in 2007, with those to Wilbur T. Albrecht's 1994 edition from Colgate University Press following in square brackets.

The second document entitled "The Text of Porius: Corrections and Emendations" is a listing by page-and line-number offering corrections to the imperfect text of this 1994 edition.

John Cowper Powys's Porius: A Reader's Companion (2009)

The Text of Porius: Corrections and Emendations (2003)

Glastonbury, Autobiography & Owen Glendower

John Cowper Powys's 'A Glastonbury Romance: A Reader's Companion (2010) by W.J. Keith

[Professor W.J. Keith has provided an updated and expanded version of the above file, dated December 2010, of his 'Reader's Companion to A Glastonbury Romance' now duly formatted as the attached PDF A4 booklet file, also available online at:

The previous December 2005 version included 1413 entries in a 55 page booklet, whereas this updated and expanded version now includes 1501 entries in a 63 page booklet.]

John Cowper Powys's 'Autobiography: A Reader's Companion (2008) by W.J. Keith with substantial assistance from Jacqueline Peltier

John Cowper Powys's Owen Glendower: A Reader’s Companion (2007) W. J. Keith


Professor Keith can be contacted at the following address:

W. J. Keith
University College,
University of Toronto,
Toronto, M5S 3H7,

or email him here

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Permission must be asked before using any material from this site.

Often described as one of the great apocalyptic novels of our time, WOLF SOLENT is the story of a young man returning from London to work near to the school at which his father had been history master. Complex, romantic and humorous, it is a classicwork combining a close understanding of man's everyday experience with a delicate awareness of the spiritual.


John Cowper Powys

A Powys Society Meeting

Mr Weston's Good Wine is the unusual tale of the struggle between the forces of good and evil in a small Dorset village. Its action is limited to one winter's evening when Time stands still and the bitter-sweet gift of awareness falls upon a dozen memorable characters. During the book a child knocked down by his car is miraculously brought back to life; the sign 'Mr Weston's Good Wine' lights up the sky; and the villagers soon discover that the wine he sells is no ordinary wine.


T.F. Powys


Llewelyn Powys


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