30 March 2019: Celebrating
the 50th Anniversary of The Powys Society

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The 50th anniversary of the Powys Society

Saturday 30 March 2019 PROGRAMME

The New Combination Room, Corpus Christi College

10.00 Timothy Hyman (Hon. Chairman) — Welcome and Introduction

10.10 Chris Thomas (Hon. Secretary) — Anniversary tributes and highlights of 50 years of the Powys Society

10.20 David Goodway (Vice-Chairman) — The foundation and early days of the Powys Society

10.30 Charles Lock (Editor of The Powys Journal) — In Honour of Glen Cavaliero, President of the Powys Society

11.00 Tea/Coffee break

11.15 John HodgsonJohn Cowper Powys’s Autobiography: a sequence of readings and open discussion. Guests are invited to read, in advance of the meeting, Chapter 5, Cambridge.

12.30 Lucy Hughes (Archivist, Corpus Christi College, Cambridge) —The Powys Archive at Corpus Christi College

12.50 Chairman — Acknowledgements and concluding comments

13.00 Close — 2 course lunch selected in the servery of the cafeteria and taken to the historic setting of the College Dining Hall.

— Afternoon free to explore places in Cambridge associated with the Powyses —

14.30 Guided walk and readings in situ:

Visit to the Old Court, Corpus Christi College, the Chapel of Sidney Sussex College (designed by JCP’s contemporary at Corpus Christi, and his brother in law, T H Lyon), Little St. Mary’s Church (to see the Lady Chapel also designed by T H Lyon), and the ancient boundary wall of Peterhouse College, in Coe Fen, where JCP experienced “The greatest event in my life at Cambridge”, and where he made a decision to become a novelist.