The Powys Society of North America

Inaugural Meeting, Colgate University, Hamilton NY, 8 June 1985.

We received in June 2020 (thank you, Nicholas Birns, we salute you!) a set of C-90 audio cassettes of the talks presented thirty-five years ago at this inaugural meeting. After finding a viable antique cassette player we had a listen, and judged that although the recordings are invaluable as archive material, the sound quality is not good enough to make them available as audio files on our website. Speakers are indistinct, and drowned out by audience laughter, applause, and clatter.

The cassettes will be kept in our collection. They have also been transferred to digital audio files for preservation and access on more up-to-date playback equipment. The contents could, with concentration — by playing, pausing, and re-playing the audio — be transcribed (in the way that the 1972 conference was heroically turned into print), but this would not be necessary for the four papers already published.

Pending any transcription (volunteers with better hearing than the Website Editor please apply here!) the titles of the talks — and where four of them can be found in print — are set out below as a toast to the birth of the Powys Society of North America. The PSNA is no longer active as an independent society: Nicholas Birns is the current representative of the Powys Society in North America. See contacts.

Conference Report

A detailed conference report is available in Powys Notes 1.2. Fall 1985.

5 C-90 cassettes (A-E).

  • A (2 sides): Charles Lock, John Cowper Powys and Modern Criticism (1h 10m).
  • B (side 1): Bruce M. Brown, The Powys Manuscript Collection (45m).
  • B (side 2): Peter Powys Grey, Presentation Honouring Robert L. Blackmore (39m).
  • C (2 sides): Response by Robert L. Blackmore (1h 01m).
  • D (side 1): Margaret Moran, Animating Fictions in Maiden Castle (31m).
    Pub. In the Spirit of Powys, ed. Denis Lane (1990) pp. 180–192.
  • D (side 2): Peter G. Christensen, Middlemarch: A Point of Reference in Weymouth Sands (36m). Pub. Powys Review, 17 (1985) pp.39-47.
  • E (side 1): Michael Ballin, Porius and the Cauldron of Rebirth (41m). Pub. In the Spirit of Powys, ed. Denis Lane (1990) pp.214-235.
  • E (side 2): Dorothée Von Huene Greenberg, Stone Worship and the Search for Community in AGR. (45m) Pub. Powys Review, 19 (1986), pp.36–42.