In mem. Glen Cavaliero 1927–2019

Powys Centenary — L-R: G. Wilson Knight, Angus Wilson, Colin Wilson, Glen Cavaliero (far right), and others
1972 Powys Centenary — L-R: G. Wilson Knight, Angus Wilson, Colin Wilson, Glen Cavaliero (far right), and others
A Message from Glen on the occasion of his 80th birthday

I would like to thank the many members of the Society who sent me their good wishes on the occasion of my recent 80th birthday, either on individual cards or on the array of signatures in a folder whose cover carried a beautiful photograph of Glastonbury Tor. I was so touched and heartened by this evidence of shared enthusiasm and friendship, for The Powys Society has now been a source of companionship and delight to me over what is now half a lifetime. I am so grateful to everybody concerned, for you have made what was in any case a good day for me something extra special, ‘your wone selves’.

The Glen Cavaliero Powys Collection

The page linked here lists some of the items in Glen’s personal Powys collection with information about future location of his books and personal papers.

Glen’s Contributions to / appearances in:
the Powys Review, the Powys Journal, and the Newsletter

Powys Review


  • No. 2, Winter 1977, D H Lawrence and John Cowper Powys Phoenix and Serpent
  • No. 3, Summer 1978, D H Lawrence and John Cowper Powys, A Coda
  • No. 4, Winter/Spring 1978/1979, Theodore Powys in Dorset (for Gerard Casey) [a poem]
  • No. 5, Summer 1979, Sylvia Townsend Warner, An Appreciation
  • No. 7, Winter 1980, Mary Casey: A Tribute; The Powys Family and Dorset
  • No.10, Spring 1982, Tribute to Phyllis Playter
  • No.14, 1984, The Novels of Phyllis Paul; Tribute to Derrick Stephens
  • No.16, 1985, John Cowper Powys: Space Traveller
  • No.18, 1986, The Comic Spirit in the Novels and Fantasies of John Cowper Powys
  • No.20, 1987, Tribute to Lucy Penny


  • No. 3, Summer 1978, Kenneth White: The Life-Technique of John Cowper Powys
  • No. 8, 1980/1981, J. C. Powys, After My Fashion
  • No.21, 1987/1988, Mary Casey, Kingfisher’s Wing
  • No.25, 1990, J. C. Powys, Maiden Castle (new edition)

The Powys Journal


  • Vol. I, 1991, Powys Retrospect: An Informal Commentary
  • Vol. IX, 1999, Maiden Castle Revisited
  • Vol. X, 2000, Commentary on ‘The Entermores’ by John Cowper Powys
  • Vol. XI, 2001, An Interpretation of T. F. Powys
  • Vol. XIX, 2009, That Goblin Race: the Powys Family Mystique


  • Vol. I, 1991, The Market Bell by T. F. Powys
  • Vol. II, 1992, Pipers Hill – Memories of a Country Childhood by Oliver Holt
  • Vol. III, 1993, The Interior Castle. A Life of Gerald Brennan by Jonathan Garthorne-Hardy
  • Vol. IV, 1994, John Cowper Powys and the Aether
  • Vol. V, 1995, Sylvia and David: the Townsend/Garnett Letters, selected and edited by Richard Garnett & The Diary of Sylvia Townsend Warner, edited by Claire Harman
  • Vol. VII, 1997, Jack and Frances: The Love Letters of John Cowper Powys and Frances Gregg, Vol.2 & Powys to Sea Eagle: The Letters of John Cowper Powys to Philippa Powys
  • Vol. XVII, 2007, The Market Bell by T.F. Powys (2nd edition)

The Powys Society Newsletter

a selection of these are available online as indicated